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Thelema Tarot

Tarot Spinner Ring
  Today I received my Tarot Card Ring created by CritSuccess company. I immediately fell in love with the Ring and the whole idea of it. This is a fantastic, modern product for Tarot lovers, who want to have something really “handy”. In my mother language (Polish) we have an […]

Tarot Card Ring – Tarot Spinner Ring by CritSuccess.

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The Romance Angels Oracle Cards

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The Sacred World Oracle

PS. The author of the last review has made a small mistake. It is XIII Tarot not VIII Tarot. The review is pretty good and you can see more cards there! 


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The Faeries’ Oracle

 Here’s a unique custom design based on “The Fool” as depicted in a traditional Tarot deck. The scales of justice on the fob has particular meaning to the customer. The case and the watch parts are all antiques, most from prior to 1850. The face is sculpted. Please hit “HD” […]

Antique Watch – The Fool

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Wheel of the Year Tarot

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Golden Tarot Deck

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The Wicca Pack

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Vibrational Medicine Cards

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Universal Waite Tarot Deck